Thermostat adaptable valves

Thermostat adaptable valves are manual valves that can, if desired and at the user’s discretion, be transformed into thermostats. This conversion involves substituting the manual function handle for a wax or liquid thermostat head. Valves are sold in pairs (valve and holder).

- CORNER for the IRON system (code Z1TL#ANF)
- STRAIGHT for the IRON system (code Z1TL#DRF)
- CORNER for the COPPER system (code Z1TL#ANR)
- STRAIGHT for the COPPER system (code Z1TL#DRR)
- CORNER for the MULTILAYER system (code Z1TL#ANR)
- STRAIGHT for the MULTILAYER system (code Z1TL#DRR)

Finishes available:
- White, Colours and Tubes finishes

Possible connections:
- IRON tubes- COPPER tubes