Production cycle

General features All the radiators of the “Basics” and “Extras” collections are made of steel, which provides an excellent thermal exchange and thus guarantees immediate diffusion of heat. In addition the steel, the models of the “Elements” collection also use alternative materials like aluminium and titanium. 

Reduced water content (about 1/3 compared to normal radiators) is the common feature of all the products, providing a noteworthy saving in running costs. All the raw materials used are ISO 9001 certified.

MRP production planning system An MPR system controls the production cycle of all the collections. This system optimizes planning of manufacturing activities, including purchase and delivery schedules of incoming goods, thus ensuring maximum reliability in terms of production and delivery to customers.
Assembly and testing The radiators are assembled by means of the latest generation projection welding machines that perfectly join the manifolds to the elements via direct fusing with no additional materials. This way the joins are invisible and the aesthetic results are perfect. At the same time the welding point becomes the most mechanically resistant part the radiator, turning manifolds and elements into a single, integral unit. 

Every individual piece – either radiator or towel warmer – undergoes two types of control tests: 
- Water-tightness test, via filling with air (at 10 bar pressure) and immersion into a tank filled with water;
- Quality control and final aesthetics check before packing

Painting, colours and finishes The painting cycle is fully automatic and includes 11 stages: from acid picking to zinc phosphating, from cleaning with demineralized water to the last coating of polyester powder, which is free from hexavalent chromium and therefore totally eco-friendly. The process used in the painting cycle is based on the process applied in the car industry. It therefore ensures premium results that satisfy anti-corrosion and adhesion requirements for products used outdoors, i.e. subject to temperature changes, humidity, UV rays etc. 

The colour range includes 56 special Tubes colours, in addition to 200 RAL colour scale variants. Moreover, 40 towel warmer models and 470 radiator models are available in 4 galvanized finishes (chrome-plated, nickel-plated, 14 or 24 karat gold-plated). Packing All the radiators are wrapped in a polyester sheet, and then packed in highly resistant custom-size cardboard boxes. Radiators that are larger than standard are packed in specific wooden boxes that provide additional protection. The packing includes bracket supports and vent valve for the radiators and full assembly kit for the towel warmers.
Wharehouse The warehouse comprises a covered area totalling 1500 square metres. It houses all the raw materials used for manufacturing as well as all the finished products ready for delivery to customers. A management system, with barcode scanning of all incoming materials and outgoing products, controls the warehouse and provides information on order fulfilment and delivery schedules in real time.