A lesson about TUBES RADIATORI @ NABA in Milan

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Antonia Crosetta (Brand and Promotion Manager at Tubes Radiatori) and Renzo Crosetta (Research and Development Director at Tubes Radiatori) together with Arch. Dante Donegani (Course leader of the MA in Product Design) had the honor to attend and conduct a lecture at the Institute NABA in Milan

NABA - Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti - is one of the most famous artistic academies dedicated to design and fashion, in Italy.
Founded in 1980, NABA has spent decades cultivating relationships with prestigious design companies and studios.

The lesson dedicated to Tubes Raditori started from the following question:
What lies behind the processes of design and engineering of a new radiator?
All students were very interested in it!

This is an other evidence of Tubes' engagement in training activities undertaken for many years now.

See the photogallery.