The convention “design, sustainability, warmth” 10 September - Casa dell’Architettura, Rome –

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The Tubes training activities for architects continue. After the success of Asolo that you can see again here, the next stop will be on 10 September in Rome!

in association with the professional association of Architects, Landscape Planners and Curators of Rome and its Province where the convention “design, sustainability and warmth” will be held in the late 19th century historical building by Ettore Bernich, the Roman Aquarium, where the Casa dell’Architettura is located, in piazza Manfredo Fanti 38, in Rome.
The convention is aimed at all architects registered with a professional association in Italy and will account for 4 training credits for continuing professional development.
Special guests will be the designer Roberto Palomba, the creator along with Ludovica Serafini of the iconic radiators Soho, Square and t.b.t. and Nicola de Ponti, the creator of two extraordinary heaters Milano (along with Antonia Astori) and Agorà.

In the heart of Rome, in one of the most prestigious Humber style buildings, originally designed as a fish farm and aquarium, which then became a recreational space based on the model of Parisian squares, discussions will be held on the evolution of the radiating element, from a technical and functional item to a designer objet, integrated into the spaces of contemporary living. 
The convention will also be an opportunity for in-depth discussions on more technical themes such as energy efficiency and the choice of a correct heating system in relation to new building technologies, thermal performance and the optimisation of its relationship with water content.

After the presentation and introduction by Cristiano Crosetta, Managing Director of Tubes Radiatori, who will talk about the company’s history in the industry, there will be presentations by the designers Roberto Palomba and Nicola De Ponti who will talk about their experience in the design of heating implements interpreted as architectural elements and Francesco Pilotto (Sales Manager, Tubes), who will concentrate more on the purely technical aspects.