Tubes at the Elle Decor Grand Hotel in Milan

grand hotel

Tubes is an official partner of the "ELLE DECOR GRAND HOTEL" - a design exhibition-installation by Patricia Urquiola and Piero Lissoni, on show from 6th until 22nd October in Milan's Palazzo Morando

The exhibition, promoted by Hearst Magazines Italia, creates the setting of a hotel whose interiors have been designed by Patricia Urquiola (for the rooms) and Piero Lissoni (for the communal areas), selecting the best companies and some of the most iconic products from the Italian design industry. Tubes has provided its 'Rift' radiator, designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba with Matteo Fiorini, installed inside the 'Stanzas'  by Patricia Urquiola. 

This represents yet another initiative by Tubes, confirming the dynamic approach of a company that is always open to taking part in quality projects aimed at promoting the excellence of 'Made in Italy' design. Tubes was pleased to accept the invitation to contribute to this project, with the aim of using one of its most characteristic products to highlight how its collections of radiators can greatly contribute to a room's decoration, as well as being functional. 

For years now, the company has been carrying out thorough and demanding research into the formal, technological and functional aspects of its products, in order to enrich its radiators and give them high aesthetic value, enabling them to play a key role also in architectural or interior design projects such as the "Grand Hotel".

So, that's why contributing to the Elle Decor project is part of a much bigger picture, representing one of the strategic development directions being pursued by Tubes. 

Palazzo Morando 
Via Sant’Andrea, 6
6th - 22nd October 2016