TUBES @ Bologna Water Design 22nd-27th September.

Tubes is attending Bologna Water Design 2014, the event dedicated to the world of water which is scheduled to take place in the charming setting of the former Bastardini Hospital in Bologna - within the “Once Upon a Water” installation, a project resulting from the partnership between Studio Alhambretto and Ciicai - from 22nd until 27th September.

The Scaletta radiators by Elisa Giovannoni, Kangeri by Satyendra Pakhalé, Square Bench and Tbt free-standing by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba will be an integral part of a beguiling set-up that celebrates the multiple paths that water flows through in the piping behind the walls of any home. It is a poetic tale that refers to master plumbing craftsmen who brought the Ciicai consortium to life.

Alhambretto Design Studio deals in product design, interior design and graphics, in a pursuit of the right mixture of functionality and poetry. The projects bearing the Alhambretto signature cast a critical eye on the past and recycle manufacturing know-how with a modern twist.

Ciicai – Consortium of Heating and Domestic Hot Water Product and Air Conditioning Installers - is a Bologna-based concern for the wholesale and retail sale of all materials linked to plumbing and heating, bathroom, household and garden furnishings.