Tubes exhibits as part of the 56th International Art Biennale in Venice at the Venice Pavilion

As part of the International Art Biennale in Venice, Tubes has been chosen together with 8 other leading companies of the Veneto region to take part in the exhibition that the Venice Pavilion (Gardens), curated by Aldo Cibic, dedicated to the “art of making” from 9th May.

The exhibition is named “Looking Forward. The development of the art of making. 9 stories from Veneto: digital – not only digital” and presents 9 stories of sustainable craftsmanship, part of an exploration of the Veneto of today, or rather a part of it - that connected with the future, which sees experiential know-how and digital resources achieve a useful balance in products created by the businesses involved.

For Tubes this combination is symbolised by add-On and Kangeri, radiators with an iconic design and high tech vocation, both designed by Satyendra Pakhalé. Like a majestic coral, in a free red composition add-On floats and dominates the soft zoomorphic shapes of a black Kangeri, communicating a rarefied, suspended atmosphere and creating an effect of chromatic contrasts and cross-references.

“This is a great honour to be chosen by the curator of the Venice Pavilion, architect Aldo Cibic, to represent the “art of making” and to express our vision of the relationship between art, craftsmanship, design and technology. It is an extraordinary result for us. Our way of working, of welcoming even the most challenging projects by internationally famous designers and transforming them into icons recognised worldwide fills us with pride. We are used to doing this in our area, to facing the many problems of daily life and making them a ‘project’, analysing, studying and evaluating the smallest details so that nothing is left to chance; that is our “leitmotif” and our company’s philosophy.” 
Cristiano Crosetta – Managing Director of Tubes

Take a look at the virtual tour of the 56th International Art Biennale in Venice.

The exhibition is open until the 22nd November. For further information CLICK HERE.