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Tubes is partner of POSThome, the "post house", a project conceived by Claudia Campone, founder of the ThirtyOne Design studio, to propose a new contemporary housing model in the post-pandemic scenario.

POSThome represents the prototype of the ideal home, in which safety, comfort and technology come together to create a multifunctional environment that can be used by both the individual and the community.

The project, which was born in Milan on the third floor of a 1930s building in the heart of Città Studi, involved two Milanese excellences in the world of education in the reflection on the new housing needs: CIMaINa - Interdisciplinary Center for Nanostructured Materials and Interfaces - of the Università degli Studi in Milan and the NABA - New Academy of Fine Arts.

The experiences of living are combined with scientific-technological research to create POSThome, a home-studio, a hybrid space where you can live and at the same time meet in a simple way.
A refuge that always keeps an eye on the trends of contemporary living. Here then is that Tubes and well-known brands from the world of design come together to enrich this innovative experiential space with their products.

The Basics 20 model in the towel warmer version in glossy white and Soho in the vertical version in cobalt blue finish furnish the kitchen and bedroom/study of POSThome.

Photo credit: Chiara Cadeddu