Remote Valve Assembly (RVA)

The Remote Valve Assembly (RVA) includes both the thermostat adaptable valves and the holder and allows the radiator to function either manually or with a thermostat. The special feature of the Remote Valve Assembly (RVA) is that it is not connected directly to the radiator but, as it is built-in, can be positioned wherever you want it up to 6 metres away. This special valve set has been specially patented for the Elements range. The RVA can be accessorised with all the thermostat heads in the catalogue, once the handle of the valve for manual function is removed.  

- Standard handle (code GVR)
- ADD_ON handle (code GVR_AD)

Finishes available:
- Standard handle; chrome-plated
- ADD_ON handle; White and shiny black 

- ½” diameter female