Thermostatic valves

A thermostatic valve connected to the heating system of radiators can only work with the desired thermostat head (supplied separately). The valve and holder set and the thermostat head allow temperature control in individual environments. Valves are sold in pairs (valve and holder) without the thermostat head.  

- CORNER for the IRON system (code Z1TC#ANF)
- STRAIGHT for the IRON system (code Z1TC#DRF)
- CORNER for the COPPER system (code Z1TC#ANR)
- STRAIGHT for the COPPER system (code Z1TC#DRR)
- CORNER for the MULTILAYER system (code Z1TC#ANR)
- STRAIGHT for the MULTILAYER system (code Z1TC#DRR)

Finishes available:
- White, Colours and Tubes finishes

Possible connections:
- IRON tubes
- COPPER tubes