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Tubes is perfectly aware that the future is built on the legacy of the past and on present-day actions, that today’s choices will affect life tomorrow.

Besides, care, attention and safety have always been included in the brand’s catalogue of long-lasting values.

For this reason, Tubes has embraced the idea of sustainable production, launching the evolutionary transformation of both processes and materials with the aim of integrating sustainability, step by step, at the heart of its modus operandi.

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Consequently, the brand aims to improve culture across the board towards ever higher standards of responsibility and awareness, towards the planet and its inhabitants.

Many decisions have already been made: from the choice of using 100% recyclable materials as much as possible, to the painting process supported by nanotech, allowing a drastic reduction of water consumption; to the implementation of energy-saving systems and the abatement of production waste.

In future, Tubes plans to increase the number and the impact of its sustainable solutions, while retaining the same superior production and social quality standards that have always distinguished the brand’s activities.

This is because for Tubes, the features of our future are built on the actions taken in the present.

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Tubes products cater to the expressive needs of the designer: a host of dimensional variants, 140 different colours, 20 galvanic finishes, 4 anodised finishes and multiple accessories to create millions of possible combinations.

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