"The Art of Heat": Tubes Temporary Exhibition

“The Art of Heat”: Tubes Temporary Exhibition-tubes_Exhibition_12

Having opened its doors to the public on 6th February and scheduled to stay open until 11th March, the temporary exhibition entitled “L’Arte del calore” (The Art of Heat) by Tubes can be found in the exhibition room at Hangar, a multi-purpose facility situated within La Fornace in Asolo (TV), one of the most prestigious historic building restoration projects in the heart of the Treviso area.

The exhibition stars the heating elements and it has been designed and set up by Tubes on the occasion of the conference entitled “Design, sostenibilità, calore” (Design, sustainability, heat) held last 6th February (in partnership with the Treviso Architects Foundation) at Hangar, to demonstrate Tubes’ great passion for its work and its desire to emphasise the bond with the surrounding territory.

Within wooden folding screens that act as frames, Tubes radiators have been taken apart and split into small modules and floating sections, indeed forming the elements of an optical game that composes unusual three-dimensional architectures, inviting visitors to experiment with various perspectives.

This particular staging enhances the value of the various radiator elements in their aesthetic and functional characteristics, inserting them in a surreal and suggestive dimension. The exhibition draws its inspiration from the company’s desire to highlight the technological soul of these projects, emphasising attention to detail even in the tiniest component part.

Products starring in the exhibition curated by Riccardo Crosetta, showroom coordinator of Tubes, include Square by Ludovica + Roberto Palomba, Add-on by Satyendra Pakhalè and Scaletta by Elisa Giovannoni, in addition to Agorà and Milano by Nicola De Ponti.

“The Art of Heat”: Tubes Temporary Exhibition-tubes_exhibition_14
“The Art of Heat”: Tubes Temporary Exhibition-Arte del calore_Tubes_04
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