Tubes & Casa Mirage

Tubes & Casa Mirage-CasaMirage_77142©valentinasommariva
Tubes & Casa Mirage-Marianne Mirage PH Irene Trancossi

Tubes is delighted to announce its collaboration with Casa Mirage, the  interior design project coined by the visionary artist and singer-songwriter Marianna Mirage: a refuge of beauty  where art and culture come together to create profound sharing experiences.

Inspired by homes in the 1970s, an era in which soft shapes and curvilinear elements were at the height of fashion, Casa Mirage reflects painstaking care for every detail, colour and item of furniture.

The project was ALSO achieved thanks to the contribution of the architect Cristina Casadei.and revealed in a première during Open House Milano 2024.

Tubes saw in Casa Mirage the perfect setting to accommodate the new version of its iconic MILANO, the sculptural radiator presented at the last edition of the Salone del Mobile in Milan in the new monochrome version.

Its fluid and sinuous silhouettes, spectacularly in keeping with the atmosphere of Casa Mirage, enhance the references and the games between the concave and the convex chosen inside the project.


TUBES @ Casa Mirage
Via Tito Livio 35 – Milan
For further information: Casa Mirage


Ph. Valentina Sommariva

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Tubes & Casa Mirage-CasaMirage_77116base©valentinasommariva
Tubes & Casa Mirage-CasaMirage_77125©valentinasommariva
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