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Astro is a fan heater, an air purifier, a furnishing element: it is a small electric heating object which effortlessly brings warmth where it is needed and then, surprisingly, purifies the air.

Heat and air, two primary needs for the human being, represent the essence of this design object, which contains the technology required to independently perform two functions: heating and purifying.

A fan heater that therefore becomes perfect for share spaces, such as an office, or household settings requiring greater air purification, such as a bedroom.

The purification function is permitted by an active carbon F7 filter. The filter cleans the air (with 85%-95% efficiency for particles up to 1 micron) purifying the environment almost completely from pollen, bacteria, mould and spores, for example. The active carbon added to the filter works to capture odours with almost 98% efficiency and eliminates anything that can spoil the freshness of the air.

The Tubes Plug&Play App allows you to remotely control the product. Using your smartphone you can remotely adjust its temperature, activate and deactivate secondary functions and set a weekly heating schedule, ensuring a room that is always warm and welcoming. Furthermore, the app is compatible with the most popular voice commands. So users will also be able to adjust the product via Google Home and Amazon Alexa.


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The new Plug&Play App is online
The new Plug&Play App is online
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Tubes products cater to the expressive needs of the designer: a host of dimensional variants, 140 different colours, 20 galvanic finishes, 4 anodised finishes and multiple accessories to create millions of possible combinations.

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