Tubes the history

  • Timeline - 1992
When radiators were seen in the collective imagination as a purely functional object that needed to be hidden from view, the Crosetta family embarked upon intensive experimentation, with the intention of subverting this vision and giving the radiator its own identity. “The welds must be invisible”: this has been the mission of the Tubes brand from the onset, with the creation of the initial models in its Basics collection.
  • Timeline - 1996
The superior performance and high heating efficiency which have distinguished Tubes products from the get-go are combined with painstaking care for details. In addition to functionality, styling also becomes an essential feature of the Tubes brand, which lends the heating body the personality of an item of interior design. This is how the Extras collection came to be.
  • Timeline - 2003
The progress made by Tubes was rapid and marked by milestones which have ranked it as a pioneer in the heating industry. One of these is the partnership with Ludovica+Roberto Palomba, under whose artistic direction the brand contributes to a genuine revolution in the field. A far cry from traditional radiator shapes, the radiator is restyled by world-famous designers, becoming an object of design which plays the starring role in the architectural project.
  • Timeline - 2004
The brand’s rapid rise in the world of interior design was confirmed by its participation in its first Salone Internazionale del Mobile international furniture show in Milan. This was also the year that saw the launch of an icon, add_On designed by Satyendra Pakhalé, which paves the way forward, allowing the possibility of modulating domestic heat according to design needs.
  • Timeline - 2005
The radiator progressively moves away from the wall to explore new and altogether unusual positions. Thanks to the free-standing solution, the freedom to position the radiator within a space becomes extreme, allowing the designer unprecedented solutions: the star product that fully embraces this new paradigm is the sinuously shaped Milano radiator, followed by the models t.b.t. and Soho.
  • Timeline - 2006
Tubes drives its experimentation further, developing truly unprecedented designer solutions. Tubes introduces the ceiling-mounted MILANO, whereby the radiator becomes suspended, leaving the walls and floors free and creating configurations with several elements to generate a strong scenic impact.
The same year, the brand presents Square Composition which allows the designer the possibility to modulate the radiator depending on specific needs and tastes.
  • Timeline - 2007
State-of-the-art innovation by Tubes starts to be acknowledged at international level. The brand is awarded its very first Red Dot Design Award, by winning one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world thanks to its Square model, designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba.
  • Timeline - 2008
For Tubes, sustainability is part of its constantly evolving development. The brand has undertaken a path to incorporate it into its modus operandi, thus paving the way for a genuine transformation of the corporate culture with a view to raising responsibility towards the planet.
It therefore produces high energy-efficient products thanks to intrinsic technologies which generate superior heat output with reduced energy consumption levels. Wherever possible, it picks completely recyclable materials for its products.
  • Timeline - 2011
The design market increasingly appreciates the Tubes brand and some of its products become genuine “icon” models: objects that are emblematic of a change in the interior design industry, which have been included in the permanent collections of some of the biggest contemporary art and design museums in the world. One example is add_On on exhibit at the Centre Pompidou in Paris and at the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal and Milano free-standing displayed at the Die Neue Sammlung Museum in Munich.
  • Timeline - 2014
Market needs change and drive the company to design solutions that only run on electricity. So the brand launches Scaletta, the iconic heated towel rail designed by Elisa Giovannoni, which allows heat to become portable and easily accessible. The radiator no longer requires any masonry work or changes to be made to existing systems in order to operate. Easy installation becomes the new leitmotiv for Tubes.
  • Timeline - 2015
As part of the International Art Exhibition at the Venice Biennale, Tubes was selected together with another eight excellent companies in the Veneto region to take part in the research-show dedicated to the “art of know-how” in the Venice Pavilion which investigates the combination between experiential expertise and digital resources. This merger is symbolised by add-On, a radiator with an iconic design and high technological content, designed by Satyendra Pakhalé.
  • Timeline - 2016
The jury of the 24th edition of the ADI Compasso d’Oro Award awards the Menzione d’Onore (Honourable Mention) to Scaletta, designed by Elisa Giovannoni.
  • Timeline - 2016
Origami, the extending folding radiator designed by Alberto Meda, receives the Salone del mobile. Milano Award 2016 at its first edition. Assigned the Best product award in the Bathroom sector, Origami acts as the spokesperson for the brand’s commitment in its unwavering research and technological innovation which it embarked upon years ago.
  • Timeline - 2018
This is a very important year for Tubes, which is awarded the 25th ADI Compasso d’Oro Award, the oldest and most authoritative award on the Italian design scene. In an edition that involves 1200 candidate products, Origami, the electric plug&play radiator designed by Alberto Meda wins the Compasso d’Oro, joining the heritage of Italian design in its own right.
  • Timeline - 2018
Yet another phase in the history of Tubes: the plug&play collection is launched, and with it a new concept of portable designer heating, an unprecedented concept of “personal heat”.
A collection of six heating objects that do not require installation, are portable and have a dual function which makes their use possible in all periods of the year.
  • Timeline - 2022
Tubes continues to astound and mesmerise with unusual and extraordinary products and with a perpetually changing formal language, without ever compromising on the long-lasting values which have underpinned it to date.
Cross-contaminations from the world of fashion, art and culture redefine the story of Tubes in the new Design Book, conceived and curated by Studio MILO. A new way of telling the story of heat comes to life and The Warm Side of Design is Tubes’s promise for the future: heating the home, our everyday stage made up of relations and contrasts, through heating bodies that liaise with the personal habitat, plying it and improving it.

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