“Square Bench es una forma del calor copiada también en este caso del mundo del arte. No es sólo una decoración y no es sólo un elemento funcional sino ambos fundidos en una señal absoluta”.

Ludovica+Roberto Palomba

Square bench

elettrico + plugandplay1

Square Bench nace de la idea de dar forma al calor añadiendo también el confort de un banco para relajarse. La plug & play Square Bench es el ejemplo perfecto de un producto completamente funcional, fácil de desplazar y transportar, que se puede colocar en cualquier parte, desde el dormitorio en un apartamento particular al SPA, gracias a la alimentación eléctrica y a la estructura autoportante.

El banco está realizado en aluminio en la parte interna y está revestido en acero. El calor se extiende mediante un perfil especial realizado únicamente para la línea Square.

Square Bench es un elemento de mobiliario formalmente muy sencillo, pero con una considerable capacidad de caracterizar el ambiente. Representa una forma del calor copiada también en este caso del mundo del arte. No es sólo una decoración y no es sólo un elemento funcional sino ambos fundidos en un rasgo absoluto.

  • C1_RAL 1019 L90/O20
    Avorio Beige Grigiastro Lucido o Opaco
  • C1_RAL 1014 L90/O20
    Avorio Lucido Lucido o Opaco
  • C1_RAL 1015 L90/O20
    Avorio Chiaro Lucido o Opaco
  • C1_RAL 1013 L90/O20
    Bianco Perla Lucido o Opaco
  • C1_RAL 9001 L90/O20
    Bianco Crema Lucido o Opaco
  • C1_916P
    Bianco Traffico Opaco
  • C1_RAL 9010
    C1_RAL 9016 L90/O20
    Bianco Traffico Lucido
  • C0_RAL_9010 L90
    Bianco Lucido
  • C1_RAL 9002 L90/O20
    Bianco Grigiastro Lucido o Opaco
  • C1_RAL 7035 L90/O20
    Grigio Luce Lucido o Opaco
  • C1_RAL 7044 L90/O20
    Grigio Seta Lucido o Opaco
  • C1_RAL 7047 L90/O20
    Grigio Tele 4 Lucido o Opaco
  • C1_RAL 7038 L90/O20
    Grigio Agata Lucido o Opaco
  • C1_RAL 7032 L90/O20
    Grigio Ghiaia Lucido o Opaco
  • C1_RAL 7030 L90/O20
    Grigio Pietra Lucido o Opaco
  • C1_RAL 7037 L90/O20
    Grigio Polvere Lucido o Opaco
  • C1_RAL 7023 L90/O20
    Grigio Calcestruzzo Lucido o Opaco
  • C1_RAL 7039 L90/O20
    Grigio Quarzo Lucido o Opaco
  • C1_RAL 7022 L90/O20
    Grigio Ombra Lucido o Opaco
  • C1_RAL 7016 L90/O20
    Grigio Antracite Lucido o Opaco
  • C1_RAL 9005 O20
    Nero Opaco
  • C2_CEL2 L90
    Celeste Chiaro Lucido
  • C1_RAL 5012 L90
    Blu Chiaro Lucido
  • C1_RAL 5017 L90
    Blu Traffico Lucido
  • C1_RAL 5002 L90
    Blu Oltremare Lucido
  • C1_RAL 5013 L90
    Blu Cobalto Lucido
  • C1_RAL 5014 L90
    Blu Colomba Lucido
  • C1_RAL 4009 L90
    Violetto Pastello Lucido
  • C1_RAL 4005 L90
    Lilla Blu Lucido
  • C2_LILL L90
    Lilla Lucido
  • C1_RAL 6013 L90
    Verde Canna Lucido
  • C1_RAL 6029 L90
    Verde Menta Lucido
  • C1_RAL 6018 L90
    Verde Giallo Lucido
  • C1_RAL 6020 L90
    Verde Cromo Lucido
  • C1_RAL 6005 L90
    Verde Muschio Lucido
  • C1_RAL 5020 L90
    Blu Oceano Lucido
  • C1_RAL 5018 L90
    Blu Turchese Lucido
  • C1_RAL 6000 L90
    Verde Patina Lucido
  • C1_RAL 6021 L90
    Verde Pallido Lucido
  • C1_RAL 6019 L90
    Verde Bianco Lucido
  • C1_GMCH
    Grigio Chiaro Metallizzato
  • C1_GRPM
    Grigio Piombo Metallizzato
  • Bianco Raggrinzato BARG 9016
    C1_BARG _RAL 9016
    Bianco Ragrinzato
  • C1_GCST Grigio chiaro Satinato
    Grigio Chiaro Satinato
  • C1_GGST
    Grigio Grafite Satinato
  • C1_GGST Grigio Grafite Satinato
    Marrone Terra Micalizzato
  • C3_GRAN
    Antracite Metallizzato Ragrinzato
  • C3_NOMC
    Nero Micalizzato
    C3_RAL 1036 PERLATO
    Oro Perlato
    C3_RAL 1035 PERLATO
    Tortora Perlato
    C3_RAL 1048 PERLATO
    Grigio Topo Perlato
    C3_RAL 9022 PERLATO
    Grigio Chiaro Perlato
    C3_RAL 9023 PERLATO
    Grigio Scuro Perlato
    C3_RAL 4012 PERLATO
    Mora Perlato
    C3_RAL 5025 PERLATO
    Blu Genziana Perlato
    C3_RAL 5026 PERLATO
    Blu Notte Perlato
    C3_RAL 3032 PERLATO
    Bordeaux Perlato
    C3_RAL 6035 PERLATO
    Verde Perlato
The items are coated with 90/130 micron thick thermoset polyester powder-based paint baked-on at 200° C. The metal treatment process (carried out before the painting) is accomplished inside the new closed circuit cleaning plant that became operational on the first of September 2010. The new plant does not produce sludge or waste water and is supplied with low temperature water, thus it enables a notable scrubbing of Co2 emissions in the air. This latest-generation plant is based on the principles used in nanotechnology. It does not use the zinc phosphating technology (commonly used by most manufacturers) which is based on the application of heavy metals such as nickel salts that are soon to be included in the toxic product list. The new treatment is based on organo-functional silane polymers. These polymers react to ambient temperatures with the metal hydroxides that are deposited on the degreased surface of the metal, forming stable covalent bonds with the metal surface. The treament is characterized by ease of use, very low toxicity - free from heavy metals - which makes it very eco-friendly. The treatment does not involve hazardous chemicals therefore its use is absolutely safe. Laboratory tests have proved that this new painting treatment withstands more than 400 hours in salt spray fog. The colour range includes over 200 different finishes (of which more than half are standard finishes). This means that the interiors of even the most discerning customers can be effectively customized. The major part of the powders used in the painting cycle are free from lead, chrome and hexavalent chromium and thus rated ECO FRIENDLY.

Chrome plating is achieved with a special thickness plating process that ensures very long wear over time. In fact, the chrome-plating process for every individual piece takes approx. four hours.

Finishes and colors are subject to the following charges.

C0 Category without any additional charge
C1 Category with additional charge
C2 Category with additional charge
C3 Category with additional charge

Plated finishes
G0 Category without any additional charge
G1 Category with additional charge
G5 Category with additional charge
G6 Category with additional charge

Every radiator is protected with polyethylene film and is then packed in a very strong, shock and moisture resistant cardboard box with double or triple layer on the points most subject to damage and wear during transport. The company has always paid special attention to environmental protection, and it ensures that the packing components it uses do not contain metal staples and can be easily separated in order to facilitate proper disposal. The packing box of every individual model of radiators includes wall fixing supports and vent valve, whereas the towel warmers include fixing screws and anchors in addition to the supports and vent valve.
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