Tubes presents its new catalogue: Design Book

Tubes presents its new catalogue: the Design Book-2

Tubes presents its new catalogue, a captivating DESIGN BOOK made of “relationships” and “contrasts”. A new tale made of design and warmth with an unprecedented syntax and pace, in a stylistic choice developed by the brand in partnership with Studio MILO, with offices in Milan and London — hence the name — which was in charge of this project’s art direction.

The idea behind the project was to emphasise the distinguishing features of the products within the home — seen as the everyday stage, a place that plays host to relationships and oozes warmth and where the heating bodies designed by Tubes ply and improve the personal habitat, redefining the pleasure of inhabiting a space with a contemporary feel.

In the Design Book, the radiators are linked with the human figure, who enhances their heating properties, or they are placed in a chromatic, spatial or formal contrast with the context, in order to emphasise their aesthetic styling and functionality.

Three scenarios have been selected for this particular story: a textured one, a colourful one and a minimalist one, each represented by a different location chosen with the aim of setting the product within a real context. The definition of the settings is also in keeping with a specific desire: to allow the radiator to leave the bathroom as its sole setting and make it play the starring role of an inspiration-packed photo album, ranging from the bedroom, the sitting room, the study, the dining room, as well as domestic corners dedicated to keeping fit, to beauty regimens and personal hygiene, or even mini-spas.


This new photographic tale is only the beginning of an inspirational journey which will be explored in depth from now on.

Credits DESIGN BOOK — Creative Team:

Art Direction: Studio MILO @studiomilo
Photography: Beppe Brancato @beppebrancato_studio
Video Production: Ty-Project @visuali_ty Production:
Copywriting: Giuseppe Santonacito (Outro) @giuseppesantonocito
Locations: Residenza Location @residenzalocation
Models @selinapopa @ana.chorna @chiara__clerici
Fashion Styling: Anna Pastore @annapastore
MUAH Daria Boscarelli: @dariaboscarelli
Agency: Simple AG @simple_ag
Graphic Design: MM Company
Video: Vieri Dalla Chiesa @vieridallachiesa
Portraits and Company Photos: Ty-Project @visuali_ty

Tubes presents its new catalogue: the Design Book-3
Tubes presents its new catalogue: the Design Book-4