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Tubes’s 2020 Calendar stems from the idea of wanting to give the concept of heat an artistic appearance, covering all the eras of history of art, in a vortex of shapes and colours. 

From the long-ago Middle Ages to the more contemporary Pop Art, combinations of textures and stylised figures define the silhouettes of the products illustrated, marking the passing of time. 

The colours of heat thus play the starring role of Tubes’ new calendar: month after month, Tubes suggests a different heating solution which, on the pages of the calendar, comes to life through geometrical shapes and a turbine of colours

Moreover, with its sustainable and environmentally-friendly approach, Tubes decided to print this calendar on unique eco-friendly high-quality paper, Shiro Alga Carta, resulting from the processing of the seaweed that has overrun the nearby Venetian Lagoon.
This is an innovative and patented solution to encourage the protection of our fragile lagoon ecosystems.