“New metal looks” by Tubes

Tubes_Anodizzazioni_Nero_Bronzo_Titanio_Argento_2_LR(2) Tubes_AnodizzatoBronzoSoho_850x550Artboard 1(0) Tubes_Anodizzato_Nero_Soho_1_LR(2) Tubes_Anodizzato_Bronzo_Soho_3_LR(1) Tubes_Anodizzato_Titanio_Soho_1_LR(4) Tubes_Anodizzato_Argento_Soho_6_LR(2) Tubes_RameSpazzolatoOpaco_Kubik_1_LR(0) Tubes_RameSpazzolatoOpaco_Kubik_5_LR(1)

Beauty and functionality, superior performance combined with a sophisticated look. Tubes has always paid particular attention to the balance between superior functional performance levels and the aesthetics of its products.

The focus on shape can be found both in the design as well as the "skin" of Tubes radiators, in other words their finish and colour, which makes them the perfect fit for all domestic contexts, mirroring the customer's taste to perfection.

Tubes collections include over 260 RAL colours, special purpose-designed hues, particular galvanic plated finishes and anodised finishes.

Now Tubes presents the new MATT BRUSHED COPPER finish for its Kubik, Bath 25, Smart and t.b.t. models, along with the ANODISED BRONZE ALUMINIUM version for Soho and Soho Bathroom Version.

Today, heat and top performance pick fashionable metal-look clothing... that is also evergreen!