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For the first time, Tubes will participate in CASA DECOR, an interior design exhibition that brings together the most contemporary trends and lifestyles. Casa Decor has been held in Madrid every year since 1992.

Following the sudden closure due to the recent health emergency, the 2020 edition of Casa Decor was postponed for a few weeks and finally reopened its doors on June 8th.
The exhibition will be open to visitors until July 5, 2020.

More than 200 exhibitors, including professionals and companies, will be involved in fitting out a famous building in the historic center of the Spanish capital, in order to give voice to the latest interior design trends.

On the occasion of its first participation in Casa Decor, Tubes' products will be hosted by four different spaces designed by important architecture and interior design studios located in Madrid:

- Artemade & Gemar will include EVE in its library project;

- Lorna de Santos Studio  will position SCALETTA in a wellness area for a sensory experience;

- Bao Proyectos will use STEP-BY-STEP in the installation of a hotel suite;

- Devesagenjo Interiorismo has chosen RIFT for the monumental decoration of the "Panel of Exhibitors" of Casa Decor.

This might be the ideal opportunity to discover innovative heating solutions that integrate perfectly in many different locations.