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Tubes is delighted to announce its participation in the Venice Design 2016 exhibition, inaugurated at Palazzo Michiel. The exhibition is organised by the Global Art Affairs Foundation and hosted by the European Cultural Center. 
This exhibition will be displaying works from 17 different countries by over 30 designers. 

The Italian company is proud to present within this event its work designed by Satyendra Pakhalé, “Carving the Senses”: it is an archi-sculpture 3 metres tall which incorporates the add-On radiator.

The work is then clad in Matteo Brioni raw earth, lending it an organic, ancestral, primitive yet contemporary appearance. 
It is a work that blends both design, architecture, technology and nature together.

The exhibition is to be held between 28/05 and 27/11/2016 at Palazzo Michiel, therefore coinciding with the 15th Venice Architecture Biennale.