The Circle. A Family Story.

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2017: an important year for Tubes, which decided to celebrate 25 years of business through a video story about the “Tubes family” and its values: “The Circle. A Family Story.

Set within the production department of the company based in Resana, in the province of Treviso, the short movie was born from TUBES’ will to depict itself in a different way, involving for this purpose the aspiring relational artist Gianluca Vassallo.*

Starting with the title of the short film, “The Circle”, Gianluca Vassallo decided to use the metaphor of the circle, linking together the circular route travelled by water inside a radiator and the circular nature of family relations between the Crosettas.

The video stars, together with the employees, Augusto, the Chairman, and his brothers Franco and Renzo and their respective children Cristiano, Managing DirectorAntonia, Brand and Promotion Manager, and Riccardo, Showroom Coordinator/R&D Assistant.

“We thought about celebrating our first 25 years of business with a short film dedicated to the manufacturing heart of Tubes and to the people who are part of it, because we wanted to share with the outside world what our deepest and thriving soul is, which lies behind our each and every product” – comments Cristiano Crosetta.

And then he adds: “We continue to conduct research and to experiment to be at the cutting edge of our industry, Tubes radiators are currently on display in some of the most prestigious design museums in the world… yet behind this excellence lies a joint effort that Vassallo could not have illustrated any better”.

To watch the full short film, click HERE.

In addition, an exhibition of black and white pictures shot by Gianluca Vassallo during shooting is set up in the company’s production spaces.

The video and the pictures exhibition were premiered to 24 journalists on the occasion of the first International Press Trip dedicated to Tubes, which was held last October.

To watch the complete exhibit of Gianluca Vassallo’ shoots, click HERE.

*An aspiring relational artist, Gianluca Vassallo has in recent years as a video maker embraced corporate communication, and he has done so with an unprecedented outlook. Such as in the video entitled “The Circle. A family Story”, produced for Tubes Radiatori.

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