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Inspired by the vision of the American artist Donald Judd, Ludovica Serafini+Roberto Palomba bring together iconic appeal and functionality in a heating object designed to elevate your bathroom routine. JJ is an accessorised shelf, which works as a both a towel warmer and a towel rail, offering a pampering of well-being after a shower or bath.
Thanks to its low voltage (24 Volts), this electrical heating object can also be placed in wet areas such as in a walk-in shower or above a bathtub, where it enhances the architectural appeal of the space.
Starting precisely from the dot, a circular shape as simple as it is powerful, DOTS. is an low voltage electrical heating accessory that adds sophistication and luxury to its intended surroundings, while remaining a useful support in all seasons.
DOTS. affords remarkable compositional freedom for interior designers who can insert it as a single point of attraction on the wall or in configurations that include several elements. From linear to discontinuous solutions, there are endless possibilities of expression in terms of quantity, layout and colours.
One of the most iconic products in the history of design, Milano is still evolving and is now being presented in a new monochrome version which is pure poetry of furniture. The base and the tip are made in the same colour as the heating body to make it even more sculptural.
Capable of embellishing any interior setting, MILANO/totalcolour can blend in seamlessly with its surroundings or instead stand out for more personality. The self-supporting nature and Plug&Play operation release it from the constraints of architecture, transforming it into an element that does not require installation, which can easily be repositioned within the room in accordance with changing comfort or privacy requirements.


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