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Removing the valves from the radiator and installing them remote – up to 6 metres away thanks to a patented recessed assembly – implied freeing the radiator from its technical reference. This approach gives the heating unit an exceptional potential in terms of design and aesthetics, with concepts that break away from the traditional way of conceiving a radiator. The Elements collection was designed by world renowned architects and designers. Its project can thus be viewed as a “think tank” in which designers are required to create radiators that are connected to the aesthetics of a home where the sensual warmth of heating products is integrated into the interiors with the same design significance as the other contemporary furnishing elements.

From interior design heating elements or towel warmers, to radiators with attractive aesthetics, right up to a new type of use both inside and outside the bathroom. Giving radiators a new identity was a focal part of Tubes corporate mission since the company’s inception, and the Basics collection was its first concrete expression. The design involves a dominating tubular element, developed through an innovative approach to traditional schemes in terms of concept, form and aesthetics. Clearly innovative was the initial use of steel as the basic material, as well as the smaller diameter of the tubular elements, and the wide choice of sizes and colours. Basics marked the beginning of Tubes great commitment to research and development, and its ever-increasing appeal is a further confirmation of its current value.

Extras represents the evolution of Basics, where the radiator acquires the personality of an interior furnishing item and is thus no longer linked to traditional schemes. The lines of the Extras collection are the result of a special design concept that provides the radiators with a highly appealing look.

The great flexibility of dimensional, chromatic and installation variants is the distinguishing feature which all three collections share and meet to a different, yet targeted extent, to accommodate the needs of users who are open to innovation and design.