Tubes in Casa Decor 2024

Tubes in Casa Decor 2024-casa-decor-2024-salon-espacio-ita-italian-trade-agency-jean-porsche-01

On the occasion of Casa Decor 2024, Tubes is returning to Madrid for six weeks within the famous interior design, trends and lifestyle platform which the Spanish city has been hosting since 1992.

The new MILANO/totalcolour was chosen for “Gabinete Visconti”, a project which celebrates Italian design excellence, promoted by the Italian Trade Agency (ITA), the Agency for foreign promotion and internationalisation of Italian businesses, and curated by designer Jean Porsche.

Tubes is taking part alongside another 21 Italian concerns selected among the country’s most prestigious interior design brands.

“Gabinete Visconti” is a space inspired by Visconti imagery where every element has been carefully selected to reflect the fusion between tradition and avant-garde, representing the best of contemporary Italian design and its ability to adapt and inspire in any context.

In this context, which reminds us that the way we live can be, in itself, a work of art, three white MILANO/totalcolour stand out thanks to their sculptural nature, blending in seamlessly with the setting, combining beauty and functionality.

This is the fourth year Tubes is taking part in Casa Decor, constituting a confirmation of the interest roused by the brand’s products in Spanish design studios.



Palacio de la Trinidad
Calle Francisco Silvela 82, Palacio de la Trinidad

From the 11th April to the 26th May 2024
11 AM – 9 PM


Tubes in Casa Decor 2024-casa-decor-2024-salon-espacio-ita-italian-trade-agency-jean-porsche-02
Tubes in Casa Decor 2024-casa-decor-2024-salon-espacio-ita-italian-trade-agency-jean-porsche-05
Tubes in Casa Decor 2024-casa-decor-2024-salon-espacio-ita-italian-trade-agency-jean-porsche-04
Tubes in Casa Decor 2024-casa-decor-2024-salon-espacio-ita-italian-trade-agency-jean-porsche-03