In the designer heating element production segment, Tubes Radiatori is the evolution of an entrepreneurial concern that boasts over thirty years of experience in heating and plumbing installations. Technological know-how and technical expertise combined with a highly attuned ability to accommodate market requirements are the result of this solid culture which lends meaning and substance to the choices made by Tubes from the onset, in 1994, a time when the concept of the decorative radiator was just beginning to make an appearance.

Tubes Radiatori, by virtue of the experience gained over the years, immediately focused on innovation to create its own unique brand identity, which has involved intensive research and experimentation in the technical and styling fields, conducted concurrently on materials, machining processes, shapes and dimensions.

Today, thanks to this research and development activity, the radiator has been reinterpreted by internationally acclaimed designers to become a part of the architectural structure, featuring a strong personality and decorative ability thanks to its modularity and customisation possibilities, while guaranteeing superior functional standards.  

Tubes: an expression of quality, design, innovation, research and passion.

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